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Jazz Etudes Books!

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  • IMPORTANT, these books DO NOT have any melody lines within them as that would break copyright law! I sometimes play the melody in examples to give you an idea how it could go but there is NO written notation for the tune.

65 Jazz Etudes cover.png
Jazz Etudes _ Trumpet Kings_cover.jpg
10 Progressive Jazz Etudes Vol 1 cover.png
10 Progressive Jazz Etudes Vol 2 cover.png
Nice & Easy Jazz Collection bflat.png
Nice & Easy Jazz Collection eflat.png
Nice & Easy Jazz Collection bass clef.png
Nice & Easy Jazz Collection concert.png
Blue Stationery A4 Document (3).png
Blue Stationery A4 Document (1).png
Blue Stationery A4 Document.png
Blue Stationery A4 Document (2).png
25 Jazz Etudes Collection Vol 1.jpg


Principal Trumpet
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

'Hi Darren, I really love your book/books. I was a brass band nerd (still am I suppose) til I entered the RNCM aged 23. I did 10 years with the BBC Philharmonic then moved to Norway and the Bergen Philharmonic. I have been here for 20 years now combining the orchestra and playing lead trumpet with the Bergen big band. I also conduct bands and write my own music. The thing I like about your etudes is it allows me to be slightly freer in my improvisation. I usually find due to my “classical” background that I improvise ok-ish during rehearsals but when I get to the gig my ideas freeze up. This maybe due to not having enough jazz language to use. Without doubt your etudes are helping me cement a better awareness of the language.'

Trumpet player with the Halle Orchestra

"The études are exactly what I need to break the impasse and have the confidence to overcome years of "slavery to the dots". Darren has achieved so much by Intelligently applying himself to the task of understanding the language and developing his own talent. The études are a wealth of genuine standards from the "greats" across the genres. Darren's articulate presentation encourages you to persist and really achieve. See you at the other end.....

BBC | Alfred and Hal Leonard
Andrea Bocelli | Wayne Bergeron

'Darren’s material is fantastic . Well organised Etudes set to the great standards in comfortable ranges . In my experience as a jazz teacher, there is no better way to absorb the language than jazz etudes and Darren has done a wonderful job in doing this. In this time of social distancing, Darren has made practicing fun with great play alongs and a healthy amount of material. As a very experienced performer himself, his wealth of experience comes thru his etudes and online updates. I recommend these for all levels.'

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