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8 video lessons (with free resources) that focus on developing you jazz improvisation skills.


1. Learning the melody

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4. Rhythm

5. Middle 8

6. Adding the 7ths

7. Scales & key centres

8. Chromatic enclosures

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Learn to develop your jazz vocabulary without feeling intimidated! 

Hi, my name is Darren Lloyd, I started jazz etudes to help jazz students develop jazz vocabulary and play melodic sounding solos over jazz standards!

Whether you want to develop your jazz vocabulary through playing the jazz etudes, or learn to improvise, you'll find all you need here at the jazz etudes website.

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10 Progressive Jazz Etudes Vol 1 cover.png

10 Progressive Jazz Etudes - Vol 1

10 Etudes with 3 progressive choruses each -

  • Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced Intermediate

  • ​​3 different tempo backing tracks for each tune

  • ​Bb pitch - Concert pitch - Eb pitch - Bass clef

  • ​Demo recording of every etude - All FREE to download

"The études are exactly what I need to break the impasse and have the confidence to overcome years of "slavery to the dots".  
Ken Brown - Trumpet | Halle Orchestra