15 Jazz etudes has been created to help give aspiring jazz musicians a starting point. If you are an intermediate player on your instrument then you will know how technically challenging it is to try and even attempt a jazz solo transcription by a master jazz player. So, jazz etudes has created a book of well loved jazz standards for you to hone your skills. By practicing these etudes you will 

  1. Improve your technique

  2. Improve your time - I recommend playing these along with the ireal pro app, you can change the tempo and style of backing track (even the key if you want to transpose the etudes)

  3. These etudes are full of commonly used jazz language that isn’t too challenging. By copying phrases that you like and transposing into other keys, you will be developing your own jazz vocabulary and improvisation abilities.

  4. By learning an etude from memory, you will develop your own musical memory, as well as developing the ability to play syncopated rhythms.

  5. Develop breath control

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This book comes with free download backing tracks for all the etudes - Free backing tracks available to download -www.jazzetudes.net/15-jazz-standards-etudes-vol-1