5 Jazz Etudes - To develop Your Jazz Vocabulary

By practicing and working through these jazz etudes, you will

  • Develop your jazz vocabulary - aimed at intermediate players

  • Develop jazz phrasing

  • Develop articulation 

  • Link to - free backing tracks

  • Fun to play -  sound jazzy, instantly! 

  • Different genres -  dixieland, latin, jazz standards, bebop....

       The etudes come in Bb, Eb, concert pitch & bass clef


The etudes include a mixture of jazz standards, bebop, dixieland & latin jazz! 

  • In a mellow tone

  • Donna lee

  • All of me

  • On Green dolphin street

  • Corcovado

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'5 jazz etudes to develop jazz vocabulary'


Darren Lloyd is a trumpet player based in the United Kingdom.

He is a professional trumpet player, educator, composer/arranger, music teacher, with a Master of Arts in jazz performance.

Darren has performed with many of the top ensembles in the UK as well as

leading his own jazz ensembles.