Clifford Brown 

6 jazz etudes 

(Digital E-Book) Jazz etude book with links to free backing tracks and demo etudes too. 

 A must have book for any intermediate student of jazz improvisation. 


Written by Darren Lloyd with the techniques that all the jazz greats use to develop their jazz vocabulary.


Melodic, fun & challenging etudes to take your improvisation to the next level.

6 jazz etudes on some of Clifford's most loved tunes.

They include


  • Brownie speaks

  • Daahoud

  • Joy spring

  • Pent up house

  • Sweet Clifford

  • Tiny Capers


Clifford's transcriptions are fiendishly difficult to play! That is why I have created this etudes book. Attempting to use the jazz language that Clifford used but aimed at the more intermediate player!


What do our customers say about our 'jazz etudes'?

'Your etudes are great, my students love them!'

Jarritt A Sheel - Assistant Professor, Music Education - Berklee College of Music 

'As a bass player I have found the Jazz Etudes to be very helpful for my playing on a number of levels. Firstly, just playing each etude helps develop my ear as I hear alternative melodies to the song which helps me to think about the structure in a deeper level. Secondly, by going through each etude and mapping out what the notes are in relation to the chord I gain a better understanding of how to build a solo using chord tones, extensions, chromaticism etc. Finally, by playing the etude slowly at first I strengthen my sight reading abilities and my knowledge of the fretboard. Overall, I have found these Etudes to be a very worthwhile investment'

David Cobb - Bass player

'Hi Darren - I want to send you a note about my delight with your etude book. As a comeback trumpet player, these are perfect! I love having something to practice other than scales that are melodic and chord-tone based. I would think that any intermediate player would enjoy these as I do! 

Keep up the great work - please!'

Russell Anderson - Trumpet player