Free jazz course

This free course focuses on important aspects of improvisation that have been broken down into manageable chunks!

The course uses a blues in F (concert pitch) as the musical vehicle to practice your improvising!


The course is made up of these topics


  • Chords

  • Rhythms

  • Approach notes

  • Wrap around enclosures

  • Motifs

  • Space

  • Articulation

  • Transcribing

Also advice on how to put it all together!

The more you practice this type of material, the more you will develop your ear and start to hear things to play that you might not have if you don't practice it! Best of luck!

Included in the course are all the practice materials you'll need along with the backing tracks!

FREE download pdf resources for this course!

Bb book

Eb book

Concert pitch book

Bass clef book

If you are interested in being able to access the course for free 



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