Live jazz improvisation masterclass - March 1st 2021 7pm GMT

Limited slots available - all attendees will gain access to a recording of the event they can study for a lifetime

A totally unique and never to be repeated event!

Trumpet Masterclass

With Jim Manley

After you attend this event you will have a clear path on developing your

trumpet playing skills with one of USA's top trumpet players! 



  • Attention jazz students. From Darren Lloyd - jazz etudes

  • Re: How to find the right path to take your improvisation skills to a whole new level. Why not take a class with someone who is a top professional in New York City? Jon will teach you the exact way that he learnt to play jazz in this unique, never to be repeated jazz improvisation masterclass!

  • Did you know that most jazz students never reach their fullest potential, simply because they don't know what or how to practice!

  • Here is one of the main problems with learning to improvise, we are bombarded with so much information on what to practice we don't know where to start or how to incorporate the practice into out playing! Which means, you'll never sound as great as you could or connect with the audience in a truly meaningful way, simply because you have not been told how to by someone who knows exactly what they are doing!

  • Jon has taught masterclasses for Lincoln centre, blah blah blah....

  • Just by having conversations with Jon, I know he is the teachers teacher! His knowledge of jazz and it's history is second to none and when you hear him play, you hear the history of jazz trumpet in all he does!


So this is what we've got! Unlike other masterclasses, this one will be from the comfort or your own home, no need to Flt yo New York or London! It will be completely interactive and at the end you can ask questions to Jon.

This event will be jam packed full of great value plus you will also receive a link to the video, where you can watch the event as many times as you wish! Plus, we are throwing in tons of bonuses just for attending!

Most of the bonuses are unique to this offer and won't be available anywhere else. Checkout below to see what we have included in this amazing offer!

By the way, the price for this event, link to the video to watch again and all the bonuses are less that the price of one lesson with Jon! How amazing is that?

This event is going to sell out very quickly!

This is what the event will do for you! You will gain complete clarity on how and what to practice to take your jazz improvisation skills to a whole new level! With easy to follow, practical advice. 

How will it help you? You will be learning from a top professional who has an amazing reputation as one of the worlds finest jazz trumpet players. So, you won't have to try and work out how and what to practice to get the most from your playing. You can follow Jon's path that has led him to be one of New Yorks top jazz men!

Here's what you need to do next:

Step 1: Watch the video below

Step 2: Reserve your seat

See you there, from your trumpet friend, Darren. 

Jazz etudes

P.S. This event is not for everybody though, this is ONLY fr those that want to become a better trumpet player!

Due to the masterclass software, there are only a few spots available - they won't last long!

If you truly want to learn how to become a better trumpet player, reserve your spot now!

First come, first serve! 

What's included?

Workshop masterclass: so you can be in an environment to enhance your improvisation skills with the path that led Jon to his greatness! ($475 value)

Recording of the masterclass: you will be sent a link to a video that you can watch as many times as you wish, over and over again! ($97 value)

Bonus 1 - 65 Jazz etudes to develop vocabulary & other treats: dlskvnsldknsldnv ($34.99 value)

Bonus 2 - Recording 1 of Jon: listen to Jon's master improvisations on classic jazz standards, put into practice what Jon teaches in the masterclass to take your improvisation to new heights ($14.99)

Bonus 3 - Recording 2 of Jon: listen to Jon's master improvisations on classic jazz standards, put into practice what Jon teaches in the masterclass to take your improvisation to new heights ($14.99)

Bonus 4 - Jazz etude book: Etude book covering many of the topics covered by Jon in the masterclass and the featured tunes also. Both Jon and Darren have each composed etudes with specific learning objectives in line with what Jon teaches in the masterclass ($14.99 value)

Total value - $651.96
Public price - $325

VIP price - $97

Help you become the best you can be

  • Unlock the confusion about what and how to practice

  • Learn the concepts that has enabled Jon to be a world class jazz musician 

  • Learn how to develop musical ideas in your head and play them instantly on your instrument

  • Connect in a meaningful way with your audience!

Listen to Jon yourself & see what everyone else is saying!

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