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Phil Parkers S2

The Phil Parkers s2 Bb trumpet

I am extremely proud and delighted to be playing the fantastic trumpet from Phil Parkers of London.​

The trumpet is the intermediate model S2.

It has a fantastic sound, beautiful smooth valves and great intonation and is a complete steal at only £649.

Check out the recordings I made using the Phil Parkers S2 trumpet below.

If you are interested in purchasing this trumpet (which I highly recommend) here is the link -

If you decide to purchase this trumpet through my link, as an affiliate, I receive a small commission. I only highly recommend products that I am happy and proud to share with you, I highly recommend this trumpet.

A superb upgrade trumpet from the knowledgeable guys at Phil Parker London. A very good build quality and high-end raw materials mark this trumpet out as offering great value for money, combined with a more professional feel and design than other instruments in this price range, the Parker series 2 will take the player well past grade 8.

This instrument is capable of making a fantastic sound and will take more air than its competitors at this level. As such, it suits the slightly stronger player who is happy to use plenty of air. Supplied with backpack case, 3C mouthpiece. La tromba oils and lubes.

My mouthpiece - Various!!! Still looking for the one!