The jazz language book focuses on developing jazz vocabulary for students new to improvising. It’s important that you can play phrases that sound jazzy without being to virtuosic (playing phrases by the great jazz players)! These II-V-I phrases have been written with intermediate players in mind. Each book come with 8 major II-V-I phrases in all keys. 8 Minor II-V-I phrases in all keys and 8 short major & minor II-V-I phrases, also written out in all keys. The book also come with jazz standard etudes containing the II-V-I phrases. The etudes include Major II-V-I’s Tune up & Pent up house. Minor II-V-I’s What is this thing called love? & Stella by starlight. Short major & Minor II-V-I’s Confirmation & Softly as a morning sunrise. 

We should always remember that the idea is to not simply copy and paste licks into standards but practice them in all keys and develop finger/slide//ear coordination and be able to eventually hear our own phrases.

Free backing tracks for the books etudes - Click me