Trumpet/improvisation lessons

Darren offers Trumpet lessons to anyone wanting to improve their range, stamina, sound, improvisation, general technique....

With a Master of Arts in performance and recognised as an outstanding qualified teacher (where in all observations student progress and quality of teaching has been judged to be outstanding) Darren can offer a path to success with your trumpet playing.

Darren does not adopt a 'one size fits all' approach to students' learning! 

He will identify your needs and then give appropriate advice and exercises based on 30 years experience as a professional trumpet player and 11 years as a qualified teacher.


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'Simply the Best!  I did not want to put my horn down for days after my lessons with Darren - thank you sooooo much.  His lessons were the spark that lit the fire - and I cannot think of a higher compliment.  Jazz - here I come!  His style is warm, deliberate and so easy to take in...  Do yourself a favour and make the connection!'

Russell Anderson.

'As a classically trained trumpeter who has studied up to degree level I’ve been lucky to have had some great teachers. I recently took a lesson with Darren after stumbling across his website on Facebook. I’ve had some jazz lessons in the past and listened to a lot of jazz and practiced improvisation at great length but never felt that I sounded at all jazzy, I always felt that I sounded like a classical player trying to play jazz. Darren picked up on this straight away, during the lesson we covered jazz rhythm, jazz articulation at length, the importance of transcriptions and how to do them properly. Darren gave me some excellent exercises to Improve my articulation and rhythmic feel but more importantly of imitating articulation from transcriptions, the thing that stuck in my head is “you won’t learn jazz from a book”. I’m hoping the habit of swinging like a classical musician will disappear after Darren’s observations and I’ll definitely booking more lessons with him. Darren is laid back and lessons are very informative and relaxed, if you are looking to improve your jazz and improvisation his knowledge is second to none.'

Stephen Clyde

'As a long time brass band player and (fairly long time) big band trumpeter, I turned to Darren for help and advice on improvising. During the online lesson I found his manner sympathetic and he gave me such a lot of useful advice. I am now putting his suggestions into practice. If you are considering asking him for tuition I suggest you go for it. You will learn a lot in your first hour and he won’t put you under any pressure to take repeat lessons if you don’t want to.'


Arthur Sampson

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