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Ken Brown - Trumpet player with the Halle Orchestra

"The études are exactly what I need to break the impasse and have the confidence to overcome years of "slavery to the dots". Darren has achieved so much by Intelligently applying himself to the task of understanding the language and developing his own talent. His material and demonstrations avoid the common fault of self -aggrandisement and make real progress achievable whether you are approaching improvisation like me from a classical background, or simply seeking to develop authenticity. The études are a wealth of genuine standards from the "greats" across the genres. Darren's articulate presentation encourages you to persist and really achieve. See you at the other end.....


Martin WInter - Principal Trumpet with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra


Hi Darren, I really love your books. I was a brass band nerd (still am I suppose) til I entered the RNCM aged 23. I did 10 years with the BBC Philharmonic then moved to Norway and the Bergen Philharmonic. I have been here for 20 years now combining the orchestra and playing lead trumpet with the Bergen big band. I also conduct bands and write my own music. The thing I like about your etudes is it allows me to be slightly freer in my improvisation. I usually find due to my “classical” background that I improvise ok-ish during rehearsals but when I get to the gig my ideas freeze up. This maybe due to not having enough jazz language to use. Without doubt your etudes are helping me cement a better awareness of the language."


Graham Russell LLCM (T.D.) ARCM, ALCM - Studio Trumpet - Lead Trumpet West End - Lead Trumpet Dame Shirley Bassey

"I love your jazz etudes ...not just for myself but for all of my students. They range from grade 3 up to grade 8. I have been teaching trumpet and jazz for over 40 years now and have tried a lot of methods but yours are proving to be the best by far. I studied at the Royal college of music and the London College of music (with Dr.W.S. Lloyd Webber)father of Andrew. I can proudly say I was the first to organise and play "jazz" in a London Music College (1976) Wish we had your Etudes back then!! I played 30 years in the West End circuit and 13 years as lead tpt with Dame Shirley Bassey...I realised (with my research of US music colleges) that " light/jazz" had to be learned on a par with classical if to survive in the profession.  When I played with the RPO Pops and Paul McCartney this came in very handy!! I look forward to all your future projects. We never stop learning so keep up the great work Darren. Best wishes"

Darren Lloyd is a professional UK based trumpet player, composer/arranger & teacher.

Darren created jazz etudes to help beginner and intermediate jazz improvisation students develop their jazz vocabulary with authentic sounding solos that aren't to technically demanding!

The etudes range in genres from dixieland to bebop and jazz standards to latin. Develop your jazz vocabulary or simply have fun playing some great sounding jazz etudes.

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