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If you would like to have a weekly jazz improvisation lesson, subscribe to Tier 2


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  • Lesson plan with different activities

  • demo etude mp3 recordings

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If you subscribe to Tier 3

I will write a jazz etude just for you!


You choose the tune!

You choose the standard!
You choose the key!
You choose the style (dixieland, cool, mainstream).
You choose which clef and pitch!
You receive the pdf and recording of myself playing the etude.

The etude that has been written for just you will never be sold or published!

Whilst the etude has been created for you, I own the copyright and as a result it cannot be resold in anyway. You also have access to tier 1 & 2 benefits.



If you subscribe to Tier 4

You will have access to both tier 1 & 2 benefits.




You will also have a one to one, monthly, one hour, live lesson with Darren!

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