Are you a jazz student who is overwhelmed by the tsunami of information found online?

Are you practicing but not making progress?

Are you frantically looking everywhere for answers but keep coming up going round and round in circles?

My name is Darren Lloyd I am a Trumpet player - Music educator - Qualified teacher.

I am passionate about helping beginner and intermediate jazz students develop their improvisation skills.

I know how it feels to be making no progress in jazz and overwhelmed with the wading through mountains of online material, books and still end up frustrated!!!

I can help you to learn chord changes, develop your jazz vocabulary and then hear when to play what you have learnt.

I can remember not having a clue on how to make progress in jazz improvisation! Through my years as a professional teacher, working as a pro trumpet player with world class musicians, I have the key skills to scaffold learning in a way that makes learning  easy to follow, fun and most of all, you'll finally start to make progress!


Check out what students are saying about the lessons I offer on my weekly Patreon lessons - Tier 2.


'Thank you for all your great music and lessons. You have been a great inspiration to a large number of people. I thank you for that.'

Mike Spirito

'I am already a patron member, and purchased your 10 progressive etudes yesterday.  I wanted to tell you that even though I have not yet made it to one of the zoom calls, I have listened to many and learned so much.


I applaud and appreciate your dedication to jazz education!  I am a music educator (junior high band) in Texas… and we currently do not have a jazz program, however with people like you that are helping me learn all the time, I know we will open a jazz program at my school one day.  Also, I come from a classical background, that has been learning jazz the last few years as an adult.  I have subscribed to many online/YouTube/ fill in the blank “courses” and you are hands down the BEST!  You understand people, you care to educate, and you are not afraid to admit when you don’t have the immediate answer to everyone’s question. That’s why I think you are incredible.  You know who you are, and you know that you want to help people.  Your Patreon stuff has always been good, but you continue to tweak it even better than before month to month.  This last progressive etudes is the best yet.  I particularly love how the most simple one I can identify with immediately seeing the chord tone work… then that helps me transfer that knowledge to the advanced etude with chord tones with added enclosures and extras… bravo.

I am a struggling jazz improviser, but I am getting better because of you.'

Thanks again, 

Jeremy Kelsey

Hey Darren,

'I just want to tell you how good it is to have found you and your work this year. I have worked with, or tried to work with, a great many available methods for the learning of improvisation, and yours feels like the pot at the end of the rainbow. At last I've found one that I really like, and one I know I can really trust. 


I'm a teacher too, so I appreciate everything you do to build exercises and activities. You have knowledge and experience and the ability to put the right stuff together in the right presentation.


I'm a teacher who just retired, so at long last I have the time to really put in the work. It's play more than work, as it's said, but it's definitely work too, and it's worth it of course, because jazz music is so very fine. I'm very grateful that you've come along now when I have the time.


As I believe I've told you, I also have a teacher in Susie Lareine, who makes me play along (only by ear!) with her once a week, and then also once a week a gathering of four or five musicians (two of whom are professional musicians, counting Susie) who tolerate my learning curve. I understand how lucky I am to have all this, especially Jazz Etudes, in my life.'

So thank you! 


Dave Stacey


 The Patreon lessons are published weekly, where you receive a link to a video lesson that focuses on an aspect of jazz improvisation, usually using a famous jazz standard as the framework for the learning.

You also receive -

Lesson plans

Demo recordings

Backing tracks

Discord invite - Interact with fellow students

Invite to a weekly live zoom call to discuss jazz improvisation

So far lessons have used the following tunes and covered topics such as

Chord tones - Approach notes - Articulation - Enclosures - Syncopated rhythms

All the things you are - There will never be another you - Mack the knife - Autumn leaves - Blues (minor, Parker, Jazz, Simple) - Blue Bossa - Ladybird - Approaching a new tune - Pentatonic


You will have instant access to a huge selection of lessons!

By taking part in the lessons on offer at the Darren Lloyd Jazz Patreon, you will develop your instrument technique, jazz vocabulary, ability to hear and learn the chord changes. 

In other words, you'll sound great performing improvised jazz solos. 

The cost is only  £8.50 (+VAT) so, why not try it for a month or two?

Some online improvisation courses cost 100's of dollars or pounds! If you decide to join the Patreon, you instantly get access to 43 lessons (as of 31st December 2021, a brand new lesson is published every week).  

Try for a month and see how you get on. You have full support with the zoom call and can also message or email through the Patreon.

Join now for a month, it will only cost you £8.50 (+VAT) AMAZING VALUE!





By joining Patreon tier 2, you also get instant access to tier 1.

What's in tier 1?

Weekly jazz etude - From mid December, the etudes are progressive and each etude has 2 choruses!

Demo recording of the etude

Backing track using Band in a box real instruments setting (they sound great)

Mini lesson - Currently focusing on the vocabulary of the etude.

Instant access to over 40 jazz etudes too!

Tier 3 and 4 are private one to one lessons with me, Darren.

Darren Lloyd trumpet
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Tier 3 - £25 for 30 minutes monthly

Tier 4 - £50 for 60 minutes monthly

Both tiers also give you access to tiers 1 and 2.

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