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10 Progressive Jazz Etudes

Hi guys,

I am very excited to announce the publication of my newest jazz etude pdf book.

It is called 10 Progressive Jazz Etudes and features 10 popular jazz standards, each with 3 progressive choruses. The book also comes with 3 different tempo backing tracks for each etude and I have also recorded every chorus at all the tempos to help with internalising the etude (if you need it). So, there are a total of 90 combinations for you to work through!

The jazz standards included in the book are

  1. Autumn leaves

  2. Blue Bossa

  3. Blues in F

  4. On green dolphin street

  5. Recorda Me

  6. Rhythm changes

  7. Stella by starlight

  8. Take the A train

  9. There will never be another you

  10. What is this thing called love?

This book could keep you busy for a very long time if practiced correctly!

Check out these videos I created regarding the book.

If you are interested in finding out my about this great new resource, click the link below.

Warm regards, Darren. Jazz Etudes.

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