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10 progressive jazz etudes volume 2

10 progressive Jazz Etudes volume 2 - Is currently being created.

I hear a rhapsody - 1st chorus in C, Bb, Eb & Bass clef.

10 progressive jazz etudes volume 2

If you want to sound more authentic and melodic in your solos then check out volume 2 of the Jazz Etudes series ’10 progressive Jazz Etudes’.

The etudes in volume 2 feature

  1. ’S Wonderful

  2. All of me

  3. Bye bye blakbird

  4. Confirmation

  5. Fly me to the moon

  6. Have you met miss Jones?

  7. I hear a rhapsody

  8. I remember you

  9. In a mellow tone

  10. It could happen to you

Each etude has three progressive choruses.

  1. Beginner 2. Intermediate 3. Advanced intermediate

Each etude comes with three different tempo backing tracks

125 bpm. 150 bpm. 175 bpm

There are a total of 90 different ways to play the etudes!

The book will be in Concert pitch, Bb pitch, Eb pitch as well as bass clef too (inclusive)!

The book also comes with a demo recording of every etude at every tempo too!

Make sure you stay subscribed guys, I’ll be sending some free demos really soon with the recorded demos and backing tracks!

Warm regards. Darren.

By the way, if you want to have a listen to or check out volume 1, here is the link -

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