How to practice minor II-V-I's - Alone together - free pdf jazz etude

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Alone together is a great jazz standard to help develop your skills in playing minor II-V-I's and in a minor key!

This free pdf jazz etude has lots of short II-V-I's as well as two long ones in the middle 8!

The etude I have created is also great for developing your aural skills too as all the notes (almost) on beats one and three are chordal notes!

To get the most from this etude and all the other etudes we have published, follow these easy to follow steps

  1. Try to learn part or all of the jazz etude from memory

  2. Try to learn all or part of the jazz etude in other keys too (transpose them using your ears, don't write anything down)

  3. Try and use the language that you have learn on other tunes. Other tunes that feature minor II-V-I's include 'Stella by starlight, Blue Bossa, What is this thing called love.... There are many more too!

  4. By following these steps you will start to hear things to play when improvising. This is a great way to develop vocabulary but it must be 100% fluent! As with learning any language!

I hope you enjoy the etude!

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