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Basin street blues - Trumpet solo

Hi guys,

This blog post features a jazz trumpet solo on the famous old jazz standard 'Basin street blues'.

This is a great little chord progression to get into your ears and fingers as it goes around the circle of 5ths at the start!

Check out the chord progression here -

Notice, after the C major 7 chord it goes to the E7 then down a 5th to A, then down a 5th to D, then down a 5th to G, then down a 5th to C.

You will find (the more you learn chord progressions for jazz standards) understaning the cycle of 5ths (or 4ths) will help you a great deal!

So, as a gift to you, I am adding the sheet music to my trumpet solo on Basin street blues.

If you are not a trumpet player (apologies, I feel sorry for you, ha ha) but I will also add the music in C, Eb and bass clef for you.

Here they are, feel free to drag them to your desktop!

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Regards, Darren.

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