Beginner jazz improvisation lessons - FREE!


Do you struggle with your jazz improvisation?

Do you feel it's information overload?

Are you intimidated by the process of improvising?

What if I told you that you could practice in a way that developed ear and finger coordination whilst developing your jazz vocabulary in a simple step by step process!

I used to get incredibly frustrated with my progress in improvisation until I discovered, the best way for me (and many students on my Patreon page) is to practice in bite size chunks and develop key components of improvisation individually and then put them together!

I have made my scheme of work available for everyone that wants to dip their toes into the wonderful world of jazz improvisation!

Instead of learning long licks and phrases (which is great by the way, but maybe not for intermediate and beginner improvisors). How about we break down what a lick is and practice those components on their own?

For this scheme I have created lessons on

  1. Connect the chord notes in a musical way

  2. Scales/chord relationships

  3. Target notes and approaching them

  4. Enclosures

  5. II-V-I's

Practicing this way has seen my own progress sky rocket, of course I have practiced patterns and II-V-I phrases but by far the most beneficial to me, especially developing what I hear, has been the activities I teach in my Patreon and what you are seeing here!

To access all the videos and resources in one place - click through to the jazz etudes website and watch the videos and download the mp3's and lesson etudes and plans at your leisure!

Here is the link -

I hope you really benefit from these free beginner and intermediate jazz improvisation lessons, they have helped me enormously!

If you love the lessons and want more, you can sign up for my Patreon account here!

You will receive a weekly lesson

Lesson plan

Jazz etudes in pdf for Concert pitch, Bb, Eb and bass clef

Backing tracks

mp3 demos of the etude

I also host a weekly 40 minute zoom call where you can ask any questions at all!

Here is the link - Tier 2 is the weekly jazz improv lessons (only £8.50 per month).

As a member of tier 2, you automatically get instant access to tier 1 too! Tier one members recieve a weekly jazz etude and mini lesson on a topic relating to the etude! You also receive a quality backing track too!

I sincerely hope that the lessons help you with your jazz improv skills!

Here is lesson 1,

Remember, on this page -

You'll also find the resources and mp3's!

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Warm regards, Darren.