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Big butter & egg man trumpet

Hi guys,

This post shows you the latest jazz etude due to be published for patrons on Friday 22nd July 2022!

Remember if you like this etude and would like it, simply sign up for the Patreon!

It's only £1 per month!

For that you receive a weekly jazz etude, backing track and demo recording of the etude!

At least 52 etudes per year for the grand total of £12!

I am trying to create amazing value for everybody.

Here's the link of interested -

What's the point of jazz etudes though?

The jazz etudes created at Jazz Etudes are aimed at intermediate players, not quite ready to tackle the music of the grand masters!

The vocabulary used is a mix of dixieland type and cool jazz.

By practicing and internalising parts or all of the etudes, you are developing jazz vocabulary, ear/finger coordination, chord knowledge, articulation, aural skills, playing in time....


Remember, if you sign up for the Jazz Etudes newsletter, you receive 3 jazz etudes to try for free and also a scheme of lessons to help with jazz improvisation on the standard Autumn leaves.

Warm regards, Darren.

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