Blue Bossa jazz improvisation lessons

In this post you will have FREE access to four lessons I created on developing different aspects of jazz improvisation, including -

Chord notes

Target notes


Here are the links to each video

Lesson 1 - Jazz etude analysis -

Lesson 2 - Chord notes -

Lesson 3 - Approach notes -

Lesson 4 - Motifs -

If you want the free resources that accompany these lessons - you need to go to this page and click the boxes as directed!

If you enjoy these lessons and feel they have benefitted you, you can sign up for my Patreon page where for a very small patron contribution, you will receive

  1. 20 minute improvisation link to hidden video lesson

  2. Lesson plan

  3. mp3 demos of etudes

  4. pdf of all etudes

  5. backing tracks

  6. Invite to weekly zoom hangout to chat about jazz, improvisation, life....

Here's the link for the Patreon page -

You need to sign up for tier 2 for lessons.

Warm regards, Darren.

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