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Blues lesson for trumpet players - 1 of 8!

Hi everyone,

This post is for frustrated trumpet players wanting to develop their jazz improvisation skills.

The format of the lesson are exactly how I now create them in my online weekly lessons in Darren Lloyd Jazz tier 2, in my Patreon.

Here is the video for lesson 1

In it, I give you a brief overview of the course and lesson 1. In the lesson I teach you how to learn a head to a tune.

This is a fairly simple tune called 'Simple blues'. I have taught it in the way that a lot of jazz could be learnt.

Rather than reading lick and phrases and trying to remember them, listen, listen and listen and then work it out on your instrument.

You develop so many skills when you approach learning jazz like this!

Say you were listening to (and wanting to learn) a tune played by Chet Baker, not only would you learn the notes really well but you also absorb a whole lot of other amazing information. It really is like a masterclass!



Ear/finger coordination




Are just some of the other useful items you internalise to help you become a confident improvisor when you copy in the manner I teach in the video (and in my new Patreon lessons too).

If you want the resources such as the pdf's, backing tracks etc... then you need to sign up to an email automation I have created to that I can share them with you. Here is the link -

This course is ONLY for serious students wanting to develop their improv skills. If you don't want to spend at least an hour a day practicing, please don't sign up, it won't be for you.

I am afraid (unlike some other YouTube jazz teachers) I don't know any hacks!

My teaching pedagogy comes from studying and listening to the likes of Chet Baker, Hal Galper, Bobby Shew & Louis Armstrong (to name a few).

The system I teach is not based on learning 100's of licks in lots of different keys, that way just doesn't work for me, believe me I have tried them all.

The system I teach relies of learning the chord changes (not hard to do in my systematic way) and then developing jazz vocabulary in a scaffolded way (a bit at a time).

By the time you finish this course, you will be using (and understand)

2 note enclosures

Chromatic enclosures

Bebop phrases

Syncopated & bebop rhythms

Approach chord/target notes

Then we will look at a way to put it all together, I will create some jazz etudes and recordings for you to check out ONLY using the above items!

I hope you like the course and it really helps you!


If you love the lessons, they are created in the same way for my Patreon students weekly, with

Lesson plan

PDF exercises

Demo recordings

In the Patreon I also provide a weekly zoom call where students can ask questions about the lessons or anything else to do with jazz and improvisation.

Here is a very short video that contain some great comments and feedback from some very happy students within the Patreon.

Thanks for checking out this post!

Warm regards, Darren.

Jazz Etudes.

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