Chet Baker II-V-I licks in major and minor keys

Do you love Chet Baker's beautiful melodic style of improvising?

We have created two books to aid beginner improvisors develop their jazz language.

A book on II-V-I phrase (10 in all) written out in all keys. There is a major version

and a minor version.

Both books come in Treble and Bass clef and are priced at only £3.99 each!

The books have been created to help musicians wanting to develop their jazz language abilities. It has long been recognised the benefits of copying the great jazz masters! Even Clark Terry said ‘It’s ok to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat’! Well, Chet Baker is definitely the right cat in this case, with 10 easy to play and remember II-V-I licks in minor keys to master. This book is a great introduction into the wonderful world of improvising. Aimed at intermediate players. The book also has a guide on how to use the book most effectively.

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