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Chet Baker ii v i trumpet lick

Hi guys,

In this video I share a Chet Baker ii v i trumpet lick taken from his solo on Lady Bird from 'Chet in Milan' recording!

I have written the lick out for you in a few different keys for you to practice.

Check out the image below.

I have also shown you a way that you could practice this lick on the tune Pent up house, check out the image below.

Check out the video and follow the link in the description to not only get the 2 pdf resources shown in this blog post but also -

Demo recording

Backing track of Pent up house

Backing track of ii v i's in all keys

Lead sheet for ii v i's in all keys

Practicing jazz vocabulary is the best way to develop your own jazz improvisation skills and vocabulary! Some players aren't yet ready to tackle the music of the masters, that's why I have created jazz etudes, great sounding, authentic solos over favourite jazz standards, with backing tracks and demo recordings!

Check out one of the most popular books!

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Thanks for checking out this blog post!

Warm regards, Darren.

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