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Clifford Brown jazz etude book

It's taken a while to finish this book but I am really happy with it!

The book has 6 etudes of some of Cliffords most popular tunes. They include

  1. Brownie speaks

  2. Daahoud

  3. Joy spring

  4. Pent up house

  5. Sweet Clifford

  6. Tiny capers

Check out the recording I made of pent up house!

I have found that practicing jazz vocabulary (especially, small chunks, over and over again) can make a massive difference to your own playing!

If you are interested in the book, visit the site here -

If you was a subscriber to Jazz Etudes, you would have received 2 extracts (free) from the etude book!

If you want to subscribe to the Jazz Etudes website (and receive the 5 free etudes book), click below.

Warm regards, Darren. Jazz etudes.

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