Clifford Brown's 'Sweet Clifford' as a jazz etude for intermediate players!

Clifford Brown is regarded as a giant amongst jazz trumpet players and rightly so! His solo are swinging, melodic, creative and just sound SO good!

Clifford's vocabulary can be incredibly difficult if you are a young (or old) jazz student wanting to play his great tunes!

This version of 'Sweet Clifford' based on the chord changes to the famous standard "Sweet Georgia Brown' will challenge intermediate players!

I created 2 versions! A medium version and a medium 'up' version also.

On the screen, the music notation is in Bb pitch, perfect for trumpet, tenor sax or clarinet players to try!

If you are interested in checking out the whole book, here is the link -

Here is a link to a page where you can check out all of the etudes and backing tracks!

If you like the etudes, you might be interested to know that I create weekly jazz etudes on my Patreon page where you receive, not only the etude (in Bb, Eb, concert pitch & bass clef, also tenor sax friendly) but also a mini lesson regarding an aspect of the etude!

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