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Develop jazz vocabulary - What do you get in Patreon tier 1 - Darren Lloyd jazz?

I wanted to share with you today, the amazing value I try to offer Patreon members in my Patreon 'Darren Lloyd Jazz'.

By practicing jazz vocabulary, in a fun, engaging and interesting way, you are much more likely to hear 'real' sounding phrases you might want to incorporate into your own playing rather than playing endless patterns, that when you come to actually improvise, you can never remember or hear! This is exactly how I have developed my own vocabulary and can now improvise with ease, using the techniques I teach (Tier 2).

Check out the Patreon here -

If you would lie some free resources to try - sign up to the jazz etudes newsletter at Jazz Etudes. You'll receive a string of emails, all containing free content for you to try.

Warm regards, Darren. Jazz Etudes.

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