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Easy jazz sheet music

Hi everyone,

Are you a beginner or early intermediate jazz student and frustrated not knowing what to play?

Playing the transcriptions of the masters is a great start to developing jazz vocabulary but what if that music is simply too hard?

The music found within the brand new series of books shown below is aimed at the beginner or early intermediate student of jazz or for people simply looking for something different and fun to play.

If you are not a great reader, don't worry, you get access to all of the etudes being recorded by the creator of the books and the jazz etudes website Darren Lloyd.

As you can see the books are pitch in Bb, Eb, C and bass clef.

They have a playing range of a little over one octave, are not too fast, have no semi quaver passages or sustained long notes.

Full of great sounding vocabulary to sound instantly authentic.

Make sure you listen to the demo recordings to get an idea of time, feel, swing and articulation. You can download the demo recordings for free here

Demo recordings

Simply click the boxes marked 'Free demo recordings'.

Better still! How would you like instant access to try for free two of the solos found within the book?

The first option is you follow the link in the description of this video of Summertime.

That will take you to one of my Patreon pages where you can instantly download and try for free!

The next option is to sign ip for the jazz etudes newsletter where, not only will you receive the jazz solo on Watermelon man but also -


  • 3 Intermediate jazz etudes to try for FREE including - ​

  • Bernie's tune - Blue Bossa - Cheek to cheek (Email1)

  • Video on using the etudes to develop vocabulary (Email 2)

  • Improvisation lessons on the standard Autumn leaves (Email 3)​

  • Watermelon man - Nice & Easy jazz solo Bb, Eb C, Bass clef (Email 4)

Here's a link to the video so you can listen to the solo on Watermelon

If you decide to buy the books (or even if you don't) I am giving free access to the backing tracks.

Backing tracks

Simply click the box that says 'Free backing tracks'.

I hope you enjoy the free resources and they help you in your studies!

Warm regards, Darren.

Jazz Etudes.

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