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Easy jazz solo - Watermelon man

Hi guys,

Check out the video where you can get the sheet music to an easy solo of Watermelon man for free!

All you need to do is subscribe to the jazz etudes newsletter! Follow the prompt on the home page!

Simply go to the home page of the jazz etudes website to sign up now!

As well as the watermelon solo (in Bb, Eb, C & bass clef) I'll also be sending you -

  • 3 Intermediate jazz etudes to try for FREE including -

  • Bernie's tune - Blue Bossa - Cheek to cheek (Email1)

  • Video on using the etudes to develop vocabulary (Email 2)

  • Improvisation lessons on the standard Autumn leaves (Email 3)​

  • Watermelon man - Nice & Easy jazz solo Bb, Eb C, Bass clef (Email 4)

I try to give you as much value as possible and even when selling products, do so at amazing value for money prices!

I hope you enjoy the solo of watermelon man if you decide to sign up.

Aimed at early intermediate players with a playing range of only 1 octave (about!!!)

Warm regards, Darren.

Jazz Etudes.

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