Free jazz improvisation course

Updated: Aug 30

Are you frustrated with your improvising?

Have you been told to practice scales and your not sounding at all jazzy?

Do you want to learn how to begin to improvise but don't know where to start?

Do you need some new things to practice?

My name is Darren Lloyd and I am a professional Trumpet player and qualified teacher. Holding a master of arts in jazz performance and a PGCE in music, I have also performed with many of the top ensembles in the UK.

I am offering a jazz improvisation course for free! The course focuses on building skills in manageable chunks in easy to follow videos!

To sign up for the course visit this page and hit the sign up button where you'll be asked to subscribe to the jazz etudes site.

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By subscribing to jazz etudes, as well as having access to this free course, you will also receive big discounts on store products, get hints & tips on developing your improvisation skills, have links to the latest videos where I interview top jazz musicians from the UK and around the world, you'll also receive pdf's of jazz etudes and practice material, all to help you play better.

I hope you enjoy the course.

Kind regards

Darren Lloyd - Jazz etudes


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