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Getting around the ii-v-i jazz practice

Hi guys,

Here is a video I created on getting around the ii-v-i for jazz improvisation students!

By following the link in the description, or just subscribing to the jazz etudes newsletter I will send you the accompanying pdf for the video!

The pdf and video shows you the chord/scale relationship for a ii-v-i, it also shows you some simple (and not so simple) exercises to help develop technique, ear finger coordination as well as helping you to get to know your instrument really well in ALL KEYS!

Check out the video and if you haven't already join the jazz etudes news letter where I will be sending you free lessons, occasional jazz etudes with the demo recording and backing track along with other resources to help you navigate your way around jazz improvisation.

For a no nonsesne, no fluff approach that teaches you real skills to develop your jazz chops, make sure you subscribe so as to not miss out!

Regards, Darren.

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