Gilad Atzmon Saxophone - Interview

I was very lucky to have world class jazz musician Gilad Atzmon as a guest on my 'Tips from the top" video series where I ask various questions, including -

  1. What made you want to play your instrument?

  2. Where did you study?

  3. Who was your first major jazz inspiration?

  4. What is your approach to jazz improvisation and how would you suggest that students new to jazz improvisation should approach it?

  5. What do you think about when improvising?

  6. Would you consider yourself an ear player or do you internalise the changes?

  7. Who do you enjoy listening to and why?

  8. How do you practice improvisation and what would you suggest to beginner or intermediate players to do?

  9. What player would you most like or would have liked to play with?

10. What projects are you currently involved in?

Listen to Gilad's fascinating answers in this Facebook video.

Gilad Atzmon facebook video

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