How can I develop my jazz vocabulary?

In this video, I share many of the techniques I have used and taught to my Patreon students to great effect.

The topics focus on developing knowledge of

  • Chord tones

  • Approaching chordal notes

  • Scales

  • Rhythm (not in this video but lessons within the 'Mack the knife' scheme)

  • Creating simple melodies in a solo

  • Different types of enclosures

By focusing on these topics individually and then gradually practicing them all together, you can really develop your jazz improvisation skills. Of course one of the main ingredients is listening to the masters of the music!

Check out the video where I use Mack the knife as the learning tune.

If you are interested in the rest of the lessons for Mack the knife and all the accompanying resources, check out Tier 2 at my Patreon page where you receive

A weekly jazz improvisation lesson via a video

All mp3 recordings of the etudes

pdf etudes in Bb (sax friendly too), Eb, concert pitch and bass clef.

Lesson plan with activities and advice on making excellent progress

An invite to a weekly zoom call, where any questions you may have will be answered

Lessons are taught by Darren Lloyd

A fully qualified teacher and pro trumpet player from the UK.

Darren has performed at

The 100 club

Ronnie Scotts jazz club

The Bull at Barnes

The jazz cafe

Pizza on the park

Matt & Phreds

Band on the wall

Numerous jazz festivals in the UK and Europe

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