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How to create a jazz etude!

Updated: 4 hours ago

In this video and blog post I will attempt to show you how I create a jazz etude on the old standard 'When the saints go marching in'.

If you are considering trying to create your own etudes, I strongly recommend that you do!

It will really help with your jazz vocabulary and knowledge of the chords and scales.

I also recommend starting with a simple chord sequence such as this one!

The two main components when creating a more dixieland style jazz etude are the chord notes and rhythm. Of course the way and style that you use when you perform them REALLY can make them come alive.

In this video, I didn't use my trumpet to create the solo as I can hear what I want to play in my head.

If you do start with your instrument, that is fine, I did when I started! As you write more and more etudes, you will find that you just start to hear more things and you don't need it anymore for the creation process! I do however still use my trumpet when creating ballad jazz etudes!

Check out the video here -

As I mention in the video, rhythm is key to making your jazz etudes sound more authentic!

Check out this rhythm sheet I created, it might help you.

Please give the video and blog post a like if you have found them helpful.

Also, drop a comment if you have a favourite tune that you might want to see me create a jazz etude over!

Regards, Darren.

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