How to develop jazz vocabulary

In this post I will give you some of the answers that have helped me over the many years I have been studying jazz improvisation!

To develop jazz vocabulary we must need to listen to the masters of the music! Not only listen but imitate, assimilate and innovate as the great trumpeter Clark Terry used to say!

That is great advice there, all the answers are in your (jazz) record collection!

But what if we are not at the instrumental standard to practice and play like the grand masters? Well, what we need to do then is find music, etudes or studies that are of that standard.

Darren Lloyd of jazz etudes had created a book of 65 jazz etudes to help develop your jazz vocabulary! The etudes come in 4 genres. Latin, dixieland, jazz standards and bebop! In the package there is also a Chet Baker bundle, featuring a transcription book of Chet's solos from 'Chet Baker in Milan' as well as 10 major and minor II-V-I phrases written out in all 12 keys! If you would like to watch the video that accompanies these books click HERE. That is another great way to develop vocabulary! This etude book comes in concert, Bb & Eb pitch as well as bass clef.

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Another way, is to practice patterns in all 12 keys and get your fingers working with your ears! In the 65 etudes package is also a jazz patterns and scale book, again in all 12 keys to help develop jazz technique!

By practicing and assimilating the vocabulary in these exercise and etude books, you too can develop your jazz vocabulary and start to sound authentic whilst soloing!

I created a video that goes along with a FREE etude book I created! The video can be watched by clicking HERE.

If you would like the 5 etudes to develop jazz vocabulary sent to your email - click here to visit the page where you can optin to out subscribers! We currently have over 3,000 people that have downloaded this great little book. The etudes are in concert, Bb & Eb pitch as well as bass clef. Click HERE to visit the page to optin. Here is one of the jazz etudes (In a mellow tone) being performed by Darren Lloyd, click HERE. Another one from the free book, is the popular standard 'All of me'. Click HERE to check it out! Finally, another video from the book. My personal favourite, On green Dolphin street.

All of the material within the books outlined are aimed at intermediate players wishing to develop their jazz vocabulary! Probably the most important aspect in developing your improvisation skills!

Check out the 5 etudes to develop jazz vocabulary - I've had so much great feedback about the etudes, I think you'll love them! Even if you don't want to develop your jazz vocabulary and just want something different practice!

Testimonials of people that love the jazz etudes range of products!

What do our customers say about our 'jazz etudes'?

'Jazz etudes have such excellent content, If you’re looking at improving your jazz playing, jazz vocabulary and improvisation skills, then look no further. These are challenging without being too difficult like many transcription books, they allow you to understand and build a knowledge of jazz phrases and language. Throughly enjoyable for woodwind instruments also'

Joann Kerrigan - Saxophone player & teacher

'Your etudes are great, my students love them!'

Jarritt A Sheel - Assistant Professor, Music Education - Berklee College of Music

'As a bass player I have found the Jazz Etudes to be very helpful for my playing on a number of levels. Firstly, just playing each etude helps develop my ear as I hear alternative melodies to the song which helps me to think about the structure in a deeper level. Secondly, by going through each etude and mapping out what the notes are in relation to the chord I gain a better understanding of how to build a solo using chord tones, extensions, chromaticism etc. Finally, by playing the etude slowly at first I strengthen my sight reading abilities and my knowledge of the fretboard. Overall, I have found these Etudes to be a very worthwhile investment'

David Cobb - Bass player

'Hi Darren - I want to send you a note about my delight with your etude book. As a comeback trumpet player, these are perfect! I love having something to practice other than scales that are melodic and chord-tone based. I would think that any intermediate player would enjoy these as I do!

Keep up the great work - please!'

Russell Anderson - Trumpet player

Warm regards.

Darren Lloyd

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