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How to play like jazz like Chet Baker

In the video posted, you'll find how I take a Chet solo and analyse it to help develop my own playing, giving me ideas on what and how to practice! I hope it works for you too!

Here is the video

The solo is on Chet's 'Pent up house'.

I have taken some fundamental aspects of Chet's approach, including

Simple melody

Approach notes



If you are a member of my Patreon (where I post weekly lessons much the same as this for of a cup of cheap coffee!) you will also receive a lesson plan, pdf transcription, pdf practice sheet and backing tracks at 2 tempos!

I really hope watching the video helps and gives you some ideas for developing your own jazz improvisations. Practicing has helped me enormously over the past years!

Warm regards, Darren.


YouTube jazz etudes

YouTube Darren Lloyd

Jazz etudes website

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