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Indiana jazz solo for intermediate students

Practicing jazz vocabulary is a great way to develop jazz improv skills.

The trouble is that many of the jazz greats were, well, great!

As a result their transcribed solos can be very tricky to play, especially for intermediate students!

That's why at jazz etudes, I create written out jazz solos, over famous jazz standards, aimed at good intermediate students (also easy solos too).

In my experience, I have found that practicing and internalising jazz solos has been invaluable in my own personal development in the area of jazz improvisation.

This etude, along with many, many others, is available from my Jazz Etudes Patreon page.

If you join today (or tomorrow) you get instant access to a ton of great sounding jazz etudes, in Bb, Eb, concert pitch and bass clef.

All solos come with a great sounding backing track and demo recording too.


Warm regards, Darren. Jazz Etudes.

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