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Interview & Masterclass with Arturo Sandoval

Hi guys,

Firstly, I must say what an honour and privilege it was to have the amazing Cuban trumpet player Arturo Sandoval as a guest on the YouTube series 'tips from the top', where I ask questions that may help jazz students take their playing forward!

In this interview I asked Arturo the following questions -

Interview & masterclass with Arturo Sandoval

1. What made you want to play your instrument?

2. Where did you study?

3. Who was your first major jazz inspiration?

4. What is your approach to jazz improvisation and how would you suggest that students new to jazz improvisation should approach it?

5. What do you think about when improvising?

6. Would you consider yourself an ear player or do you internalise the changes?

7. Who do you enjoy listening to and why?

8. What player would you most like or would have liked to play with?

9. What is your biggest achievement musically?

10. Fluffy sound? How do you do that?

11. What is your ambition?

I would like to thank Arturo so much for giving me the opportunity to ask him these questions. It was a real honour and privilege! I hope you enjoy the questions and Arturo's answers.

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Warm regards, Darren. Thanks for checking out this post!

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