Jazz etude feature in mouthpiece online publication!

We started the website (officially) on March the 1st 2020.

So much work has gone into creating jazz etudes and creating content that will hopefully help beginner and intermediate jazz improvisation students!

So far, we have around 2,800 email subscribers, 650 subscribers on YouTube and around 550 followers on our facebook page, which we think is amazing for a jazz education resource. We have around 650 customers too that have purchased our products! We are off to a flying start and have many new and exciting books, events and videos to help and support jazz students!

It's great to feel like we are really spreading the word about jazz etudes and the work we are trying to do. We are so pleased to be interviewed for a feature in the publication 'Mouthpiece online' by John Hutchinson.

Check out the article by clicking the link - https://mouthpieceonline.com/do-you-want-to-improve-your-improvisation/

Happy Christmas from jazz etudes

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