Jazz improvisation for beginners & intermediate students

I have recently created a facebook page called

Jazz improvisation for beginner & intermediate students on facebook

The purpose is to help students of jazz improvisation find a way to improve their jazz improvisation skills. Eventually I will be putting together a jazz improvisation course aimed at intermediate and beginner students filled with videos, resources and a clear path to help develop the skills needed to play great improvised solos!

With so much information freely available on the internet it can be really hard or confusing as to what to practice to make great progress! I also see lots of information that I tried myself in the past that made no impact on my playing what so ever, or, once practiced, NEVER sounds jazz like in any way!

I will be hosting a weekly Facebook live video covering some of the topics that have helped me improve the most over the last ten years!

I have been fortunate to study and work with many world class jazz musicians and have learnt an incredible amount from them. Much of what I have learnt will be included in the videos with links to certain books or materials that I have found really beneficial.

If you are interested in joining the Jazz improvisation for beginner & intermediate students on facebook community, simply click the link and ask to join!


You have absolutely nothing to lose and only improve your playing with tried and tested practice hints and tips!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Warm regards


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