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Jazz improvisation lesson on Happy Birthday!

Hi guys, this video is one of the very first jazz lessons that I created on YouTube.

Improvising on Happy Birthday!

I think the idea came from watching a Wynton Marsalis video where he also used the tune!

I think it's a great tune to use as the chances are you already know it REALLY WELL and if you don't, it's pretty easy to work out!

The lesson and video focuses on developing your jazz vocabulary in a systematic way!

The video is broke down into 12 sections.

Each section should be thoroughly mastered (if anything is possible to thoroughly master!) before going onto the next section.

You should also use your own choice of notes in each section a as well as what's written (very important). Remember, you are trying to improve your aural skills with many of these exercises.

Play them over and over and over (by memory). It would also be of great benefit to play through each exercise whilst hearing the happy birthday song in your head.


Section 1 - learn the tune, by ear!

Section 2 - learn the triad chord notes (staring on the root)

Section 3 - learn the triad chord notes - more random this time, experiment!

Section 4 - learn the chord notes but add the 7ths too

Section 5 - Play the guide tones

Section 6 - Play the guide tone with syncopated rhythms

Section 7 - Use your own syncopated rhythms on chord notes

Section 8 - Scales of the chord

Section 9 - Running the scales through the chord changes

Section 10 - Enclosures (Highlight the 1st note of each group of 4)

Section 11 - Solo. Slow tempo! Try to create you own solos.

Section 12 - Solo. Faster tempo! Try to create you own solos

I hope you enjoy the lesson and find it beneficial to your development!

If you check out the video description, you will find a link where you can download all of the pdf resources & backing tracks for free from my Patreon - Darren Lloyd Jazz.

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