Jazz improvisation lessons - Ladybird

Hi guys,

I am making some lesson I created available at no cost.

The tune I used for the lessons is Tadd Damerons 'Ladybird'.

The lessons include

Lesson overview and etude - https://youtu.be/HoLsDhjRfUU

Chord/target notes - https://youtu.be/K17B94SHpLM

Articulation - https://youtu.be/USj7Wdv5x6w

Key centres - https://youtu.be/LKG01n4yA9s

Chromatic enclosures - https://youtu.be/dMOHQb21E88

These lessons have been taken from my Patreon page where members receive weekly jazz improv lessons on a variety of subjects and tunes with a practical focus on developing jazz improvisation skills.

Lesson schemes have focused on

Autumn leaves

Blue Bossa


Chet Baker vocabulary

The blues

All the things you are

Mack the knife (currently)

We focus on developing vocabulary and the ability to hear the chord changes with practical guidance on developing those specific skills.

I hope you enjoy the lessons included in this blog post.

If you are interested in the Patreon page where the lessons are published, here is the link -


As well as the links to the video lessons, you also receive (as a member)

  1. An invite to a weekly zoom call

  2. Mp3 recordings of all the demo etudes

  3. pdf of the etudes, in concert pitch, Bb, Eb and bass clef

  4. pdf lesson plan with guidance on how to make outstanding progress

  5. Backing tracks

Here is the video to lesson 1!

Warm regards, bye for now! Darren.

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