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Jazz lick of the week - 1 Jazz sheet music.

This video shows you a simple lick to practice in all keys over a major ii v i. If you go to the link below you can download the lick in Bb, C, Eb and bass clef along with the backing tracks shown in the video!

I'll be trying to create at least one video a week along this theme with the resources as a free download for you. The licks will be on

Major ii v i

Minor ii v i

Short minor & major ii v i's

Dominant chords

Major chords

Minor chords


I'll even create videos on licks by some of the grand masters of the music too!

Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel and please like the video if you found it helpful #jazz #trumpet #iivi #jazzlicks #intermediate #beginner #adlib #music #solo #jazzsolo #jazzetudes #jazzetude #etudejazz #etudesjazz #improvisation #lickoftheweek #iivi

Warm regards, Darren.

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