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Jazz sheet music - Groovin' high - demo solo - jazz etude

Hi guys,

I thought I would create a post about the type of content that I create weekly for my

Jazz Etudes Patreon page!

'Groovin' high' the bebop anthem by Dizzy Gillespie is a great tune to develop an understanding of chord changes and how soloing can take you through a number of different key centres! By practicing the jazz etudes I create, you can begin to sound authentic in your harmonic approach, always sounding like you are playing the changes!

Recent etudes (you'll have instant access too) include

  • Fungii mama

  • Nice 'n easy

  • Shine

  • Solar

  • Pick yourself up

  • There's a small hotel

  • Jeepers creepers

Plus many, many more.

Here is a FREE demo of a jazz etude on the standard

Have you met miss Jones?

Simply click to go to the free post!

I hope you enjoy the etude and check out the other great etudes!

Warm regards, Darren.

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