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Jazz trumpet transcriptions Jazz sheet music.

Hi everyone.

Just to let you know that I have recently posted some great jazz trumpet transcriptions by these great players

Chet Baker

Roy Hargrove

Wynton Marsalis

Louis Armstrong

Bix Beiderbecke

I have tried to solos that I couldn't see elsewhere on youtube or the internet.

Check out the following videos.

All the videos have links to free Bb trumpet transcription pdf sheet music for each solo in the YouTube video description.

Here is a trumpet transcription of the jazz standard 'Secret love' by the fantastic Chet Baker. It's a pretty quick tempo and Chet is playing great on this recording.

Next on the list is Roy Hagrove's solo on the Disney classic 'Everybody wants to be a cat'. This solo is not too technical and should be okay for intermediate students!

Next up is Wynton Marsalis playing the trad jazz classic 'Big butter & egg man'. Again, this solo is very melodic and easily played by intermediate students as it doesn't go to high, too fast and there isn't any tricky passages. Concentrate on great time and play with a swing feel. Really check out the way Wynton does it and try and emulate him.

The next transcription is a solo of Indiana by the greatest, Louis Armstrong. Try and play this solo yourself and you'll soon realise what a player he really was! AMAZING!

The last trumpet transcription for this post is on the old standard 'Singing the blues' played here by the wonderfully lyrical Bix Beiderbecke.

I hope you enjoy these solos!

I have found the best way to practice transcriptions is to learn them by heart and really internalise each phrase rather than read them.

By doing this, you are developing your ear/finger coordination. Even better if you can transcribe your own solos! Always try to NOT write them down until you can play them perfectly from memory first! That is how I did these trumpet transcriptions.

Warm regards and happy practicing.

Darren. Jazz Etudes.

All of the solos are available for free download at my Patreon page.

Check it out here -

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