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Updated: Apr 16

Hi guys,

If you follow the link in the description, you can go and sign up for a free 9 page pdf full of great jazz exercises to help develop your ear/finger coordination and jazz vocabulary!

You'll also be able to download 4 backing tracks in a gypsy jazz style at the following tempos.

125 bpm

150 bpm

175 bpm

200 bpm

I will also send you 5 jazz improv lessons on the standard Mack the knife!

All you have to do is go and sign up for the emails. There is no hard sell, just to make you aqare of the Patreon group I run for jazz students!

You'll be able to watch the testimonial from Michael, a jazz violin student who says,

  • Absolutely delighted and something I would recommend

  • Nothing else comes close to this

  • It's all explained very well and translates to ALL instruments

  • Very welcoming and encouraging

  • It's taken away all the frustration out of learning to play jazz for me

Check it out now!

The pdf contains the following topics -

  1. Chord triads

  2. Chords with 7ths

  3. Simple scale run pattern

  4. Rhythm practice

  5. Rhythm practice with chord notes

  6. Scales

  7. Targeting with chromatic enclosure

  8. Jazz etude

  9. Lead sheet

Here's the link - https://darrenlloyd.clickfunnels.com/jazzviolinpdf

As most of you know, my main instrument is Trumpet but I also love the fiddle and am on a mission to develop my own jazz violin chops using the techniques in the pdf!

Warm regards, Darren.

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