Little sunflower - jazz etude - free download pdf

Hi everyone,

Just a quick blog post to let everyone know that I have created a jazz etude of Freddie Hubbard's fantastic tune 'Little sunflower'.

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I went about creating this etude in a slightly different way. Normally, I sit down with my laptop and create the lead sheet and just by looking at the chords, I can hear lines that I want to write but with tunes like Freddie's 'Little sunflower' and Miles' 'So what' (from the Miles Davis etude book) I decided to record myself improvising over the backing track and then transcribe my own solo to create the etude. I think it works well! It is much more labour intensive but I am more happy with the product! I think it sounds more melodic and lyrical. I think I will try this on some jazz standard etudes in the future!

Here is the YouTube video of the etude being performed!

If you want the etude, simply follow the link in the description.

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Happy practicing and I hope you download the Little sunflower etude!

Bye for now!


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