Nicas dream - free sheet music pdf jazz study

Hi guys,

If you are an intermediate jazz student and wanting to develop your jazz vocabulary, a great place to start is to copy phrases from solos you might like.

Sometimes this can be really frustrating because as intermediate players it is impossible to copy the phrases of the greats such as Clifford Brown, Fats Navarro, Dizzy Gillespie, Tom Harrell, Wynton Marsalis....

That's why I create fun to play, melodic, not too high, not too fast and not too busy jazz etudes that use great sounding jazz vocabulary that is aimed to challenge the intermediate player!

By following the link in the video description, you can download a free copy of a jazz etude over the famous 'Nicas dream'.

The etudes come in Bb pitch, Eb pitch, concert pitch as well as bass clef. Along with a great sounding backing track and demo recording of the etude.

I hope you enjoy the etude and think about becoming a Patron, where you will receive a weekly jazz etude for only £1 per month.

Warm regards, Darren.

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