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Phil Parker London S2 Trumpet Review

Hi guys,

I have been playing this trumpet for around 1 year now and totally love it, especially as it only costs £649 (at the time of writing this post).

Here's the link for the store -

In my opinion, this trumpet is fantastic.

It has great valves, is very responsive, smooth and buttery valves, incredible value for money (at the time of making this video, the list price is only £649 pounds). It also comes with a great rucksack type case.

I have used this trumpet in many of my recent my jazz gigs/concerts, YouTube video recordings and also my teaching.

It's very easy to play and has a great singing quality which I hope you will hear from the video.

Check out these videos where I am also using the London S2 Phil Parker Trumpet.


Wonderful -

Nature boy -

Misty -

But not for me -

When I fall in love -

Killing me softly -

Glissando lesson -

It don't mean a thing -

Many of the videos on my other channel Jazz Etudes used the London S2 Phil Parker Trumpet - Check it out here -

Warm regards, Darren.

By the way, as an affiliate of this trumpet, I do receive a little money if you buy one but as you can see and hear, I love using this trumpet. I wouldn't recommend anything I don't use myself!

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