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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing UK based trumpet player, Steve Waterman.

I asked him questions that I thought beginner or intermediate students of jazz improvisation might find helpful to help in their own development.

Steve has been on the UK jazz scene for the last 30 years, playing all over the world as well as teaching at The Welsh college of music, Trinity college of music and the royal northern college also.

Steve Waterman website

The questions are -

  1. What made you want to play your instrument?

  2. Where did you study?

  3. Who was your first major jazz inspiration?

  4. What is your approach to jazz improvisation and how would you suggest that students new to jazz improvisation should approach it?

  5. What do you think about when improvising?

  6. Would you consider yourself an ear player or do you internalise the changes?

  7. Who do you enjoy listening to and why?

  8. How do you practice improvisation and what would you suggest to beginner or intermediate players to do?

  9. What player would you most like or would have liked to play with?

  10. What projects are you currently involved in?

Find out all the answers in the two videos recorded for jazz etudes recently!

Other interviews in the pipeline feature saxophone players

Gilad Atzmon & Mike Hall

Along with UK trumpet star Enrico Tomasso

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Here is video 1 of the interview - be sure to follow the link in the description and watch video 2 also.

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