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Struggling trumpet player?

Are YOU a struggling trumpet player?

Do you regularly work with someone who makes playing the trumpet seem effortless and easy?

Do you want to improve your sound, stamina & range?

All of these things can be learnt and I think you'll be surprised to know, quite quickly!

It wasn't that long ago when I was only comfortable up to high F's and sometimes, even that was a srtuggle, especially at the end of the evening!

I am now playing up to double high C and beyond but more importantly, I am finding it easy. My sound has improved massively, stamina is not an issue.

Whilst I can't promise to wave a magic wand and teach everybody the same as me, I can teach you the process that I have been through to get to where I am now.

Check out the video, as I said, it's not all about high notes, I can also teach you how to make a beautiful warm and warm sound too!

I will be covering so many aspects, topics and concerns that trumpet players struggle with.

If the Patreon really takes off, I will also be inviting world class players along to the monthly zoom call/hangout to share their knowledge with the Patreon members!

I am in the process of creating an online trumpet player community over at Patreon.

I have overcome many, many issues associated with trumpet playing and have worked with and had lessons with many of the finest players in the world!

Some of these include - Bobby Shew - Derek Watkins - Conte Candoli - Buddy Childers - Stuart Brooks - Jim Manley - To name only a few

The monthly lessons will focus on breathing, attack, range, jazz tips and tricks, articulation, tonguing, flexibility, sound, stamina.....

The lessons will be monthly.

They monthly package will include -

  1. Detailed lesson plan

  2. Monthly live zoom call/hangout discussing trumpet issues or the months lesson (if you can't make the zoom call, you can send me a question to include in the call) the call will be recorded and hosted in a secret YouTube video only available to Patrons

  3. Recordings of any exercises in the lesson

  4. PDF resources of all the exercises

  5. Link to secret video lesson only accessible through the Patreon group

All of this for only the proposed price of a weekly cup of coffee!

If you are interested - Please register your interest at the following link

At this time, the group is only provisional, depending on interest.

Warm regards, Darren.

Qualified teacher for the past 12 years, holding a master of arts in jazz performance and a PGCE teaching qualification.

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