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Summertime jazz improv lessons

Hi guys,

Here is a link to the playlist on the Jazz Etudes YouTube channel for the scheme of lessons I have created on the jazz standard Summertime!

I have just newly published lesson 5, making it public!

YouTube playlist

The lessons (so far) include -

  1. Jazz solo/etude covering the topics covered in the scheme of lessons

  2. Pentatonic licks

  3. Chord notes

  4. Approach notes ascending

  5. Approach notes descending

By the way, if you click the description for the video, you will find a link to all of the resources, where you can download them for free!

Other lessons will include -

6. b9 Dominant 7

7. Scale type patterns

8. Licks

I hope you enjoy the lessons and really develop your playing through the lessons!

Remember, you can become part of the Patreon community where I publish weekly lessons.

I now publish in a brand new format where you get to practice along with me, so you are never in any doubt what or why we are practicing certain items!

Here's the link for the Patreon, you need tier 2 for the improv lessons -


The current scheme of work we are following is on the jazz tune 'Bernie's tune'.

Remember, tomorrow (Wednesday 13th September), I will be publishing lesson number 2 in the 'Simple blues' scheme!

What do you get if you join the Patreon tier 2?

  1. PDF resources

  2. Lesson plan

  3. Invite to weekly zoom call, now practice catch up

  4. Demo recordings (if needed)

  5. Link to video lesson

  6. Access to all the jazz etudes, backing tracks & demo recordings in tier 1

Remember - All the resources come in Bb pitch, Eb pitch, concert pitch and bass clef too!

ALL FOR ONLY £8.50 per month!!! Not even the price of a coffee per week!

Warm regards, hope to see you in the Patreon.


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