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Trumpet lick ii v i Blue Mitchell

Hi guys,

In this trumpet lick video of Blue Mitchell, I share with you the pdf sheet music where I have written out the lick in 5 keys for you to get started (learning it in all 12 keys). You'll also find a lead sheet with all 12 ii v i's.

I have also included a backing track for all the keys of the exercise matching the ii v i lead sheet for you to practice the lick in all 12 keys.

I have also included a backing track just for the ii v i in concert Bb major for you to practice and internalise!

Remember what the great Clark Terry used to say -

Imitate - Assimilate - Innovate

The purpose of these licks and exercises are not to simply copy and paste for ever but to help develop vocabulary, what is happening in the lick. Develop ear & finger coordination, develop knowledge of your instrument (playing in the tricky keys too).

I hope you find the lick useful!

I am planning on creating a whole bunch of these types of videos focusing on jazz vocabulary and licks of the grand masters of the music!

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Warm regards, Darren.

Jazz Etudes.

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